Gabby Richards
Gabby Richards
Full name: Gabby Richards
Gender: Female
Age: 17-18
Occupation: Student
Friends: Matty McKibben

Jenna Hamilton
Jake Rosati
Tamara Kaplan

Relationships: Matty McKibben (ex-boyfriend)

Jake Rosati (one-night-stand, boyfriend)

Portrayed by: Erinn Westbrook
First Appearance: Welcome to Hell

Gabby Richards is a new character introduced in Season 4.

Gabby is portrayed by actress and singer Erinn Westbrook.


Throughout Awkward

Season 4

Season 5

Physical Appearance



Matty McKibben

  • Status: Ended
    • Started: 
    • Ended: Prank Amateurs
      • Reason: Gabby tells Matty that she slept with Jake after finding out he was still into Jenna while they were dating.

Jake Rosati

  • Status: Dating
    • Started:


Season 4
Part 1
No Woman Is An Island Listen To This! Touched By An Angel Sophmore Sluts
Overnight Crowning Moments After Hours Prison Breaks
My Personal Statement Snow Jobs (Part 1) Snow Jobs (Part 2)
Part 2
Finals Auld Lang Party Welcome to Hell Bonfire of the Vanities
#Drama The New Sex Deal Girl Rules Over The Hump
Sprang Break (Part 1) Sprang Break (Part 2)

Season 5
Part 1
Prank Amateurs Short Circuit Party Jenna In Wonderland Now You See Me, Now I Don't
The Dis-Engagement Dinner Don't Dream It's Over The Big Reveal The Indecent Promposal
Say No To The Dress 5x10


  • She has a scholarship to Stanford University for her sporting abilities.
  • She is a highly competitive tennis player.

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