Darlene Saxton
Fb3 (2)
Full name: Darlene Saxton
Gender: Female
Age: 30's-40's
Occupation: Member of the Knick-knackers'
Relatives: Mr. Saxton (ex-husband)
Sadie Saxton (daughter)
Ally (sister-in-law) (possibly former)
Dan (Possible Brother/Possible Former Brother-in-law)
Friends: Jenna Hamilton (assumed)
Ally (possibly)
Valerie Marks (assumed)
Relationships: Mr. Saxton (ex-husband)
Unnamed Man (boyfriend)
Enemies: Lacey Hamilton (possibly)
Mr. Saxton
Portrayed by: Heather Mazur
First Appearance: Queen Bee-atches
Last Appearance: The Bad Seed

Darlene Saxton is Sadie's mom and appears in Queen Bee-atches. She is played by Heather Mazur. It is revealed by Sadie that she is in rehab.

Season 1

Queen Bee-atches


Season 3

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